Weather Routing

With over 30 years experience in 10 arounds of the World races, 19 Atlantic cruises and several races and podiums in Sydney Hobart, Fasnet Race, Middle Sea Race, Round Britain, Pacific Cup, Newport Bermuda, Caribbean Race ,etc. GASS weather Routing prepares and builds the strategy and tactics of participating in both short and long distance races. Using various meteorological models in the long, medium and short term provides the crew with a tool that allows them, before the race, to know in advance the conditions and tactics to be developed. Saving time and money in communications and allowing the crew more concentration on the performance of the boat and its trim

GASS weather routing is applicable to racing boats, cruises, commercial lines and any type of sea-crossing planning. In competitions where the use of external weather routing is allowed during the race, four updates with the latest meteo models (GFS, EC, GEM, ARPEGE, etc) are passed daily. In competitions where it is not allowed to start three days before departure and a tactical-meteo Route Book is made that allows the navigator to concentrate on the performance of the boat in the hours and days after the departure of the competition.

Weather routing is not only a tool that allows you to go faster but also allows you to go safer, with a wetaher routing prior to a crossing you avoid areas of more wind, more waves, risk areas of showers, etc.

GASS weather routing is a traverse planning tool. It will calculate the fastest route to take from point A to point B given the current forecast of different local high resolution models, current ocean currents, the performance of your boat and your comfort criteria.